I've fancied making scarves and crocheted goods for quite some time now. Learning the art of crocheting at such a young age, I never expected it go anywhere besides wonky scarves and hats for cats. Fortunately I got better and a few people noticed, and those few people shared their scarf love with others, and now I've got orders from folks across the U.S. I truly love that my scarves keep people extra toasty in the winter time and add a pop of color to the drabbest of winter days. The poufs are a quirky alternative to floor seating that compliment all styles. My boot cuffs, although tiny in size, are just one of the little things that make getting dressed on a blustery day just a little easier.  All crocheted goods are made by myself and use a blend of wool, acrylic, or cotton blend yarns. I'm always up for any challenges you might have so feel free to message me any inquiries! 

There are many people to thank for allowing this endeavor to take off, including, my grandmother Mimi (for teaching me to crochet), Imaginary Beast for creating this phenomenal website, and my friends and family for being supportive and spreading the word far and wide about my love of all things crochet.